Local Novacastrian innovators working on automated drones

A local Newcastle Start-Up is paving the way for autonomous drone technology to be utilised in the mining, agriculture, and emergency service industries. Hive UAV allows the automatic deployment of drones to take aerial photographs, then return to their “hive” and upload them to a server. It’s exciting to see local innovators gaining some traction in Newcastle. Hive UAV have also utilised the expertise of local business Design Anthology to

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Glass – On its way to a 3D printer near you

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have demonstrated a technology which allows 3D printing using glass instead of plastic.

This airport in India is energy neutral

Comprising of 46,150 solar panels distributed across 45 acres, Cochin airport will have 50000 to 60000 thousand units of electricity per day to be consumed by its operational functions. This massive effort will theoretically make the airport completely power neutral.

Elon Musk: This really is quite a serious problem. People really should take this quite seriously.

In a recent talk show appearance with¬†astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, Elon Musk has raised serious concerns with our blind reliance on oil and complete disregard for the environmental ramifications. “From a terrestrial standpoint, the biggest problem we need to solve on Earth this century is sustainable production and consumption of energy”

RFID on its way to the NFL

The distinctive line between Sports and e-Sports is slowly becoming more grey, on one hand e-sports are getting the recognition typically associated with “normal” sports; with the construction of stadiums, celebrity status of players, and fat pay cheques to suit. While on the other hand, NFL players will next year be kitted out with RFID tags to allow for an innovative new application that will make viewership of the NFL

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How would you feel about unlimited paid parental leave?

Netflix has just stepped up the paid parental leave game in a serious way! While the company is known for it’s empowering culture and innovative thinking, this recent change just gives everyone another reason to love Netflix.

Google’s self-driving car is a little bit cute.

While it doesn’t feature high-end fashionable aesthetics like that of the Mercedes Benz prototype, Googles functional little self-driving car has a very cute character and makes for a promising future.

Take a look at how SharePoint is evolving in 2015

In their continually evolving cloud platform – Office 365; Microsoft is making some solid improvements to SharePoint, its flagship intranet solution.

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